Artist Statement


I am intensely moved by a notion of a “connector”- an umbilical cord, if you will – which joins us to knowledge, harnessed in the distant past, but driving us into an uncertain future. My recent interest in the fragmented forms of futurism brings this sensibility to the present day. The contemporary world is similarly disjointed as we are bombarded each day by information from competing media. My paintings are born out of a sense that in the midst of this world of media and information there is a calm eye to the storm.  I believe that we have lost a connection to this center, just as we have all but lost access to a more fundamental, ancient knowledge.

In my artwork, I use oil paint and combine collage with photographs that I take randomly in my day to day life, and headlines from newspapers.  My work, with the use of collage, looks to give shape to this knowledge’s hidden forms, uncovering a personal sense of a past we all share.